Friday, July 2, 2010

My kids, my inspiration!

Dear Friends,

I just decided to start blogging this morning at a ripe age of 38 after I sent my 8.5 years old boy to school. Every morning, I'll share stories with him during our 20 mins drive. Somedays, when I was caught up with my work, I forgot about it and he will ask me for the stories. Then, I realise how much he prefers my story telling to my nagging. Thus, I decided to pay more attention to the news and life stories of people around me, so that I can share these wonderful stories with my boy every morning without fail. I wish he will learn something valuable from these stories.

This morning, we talked about last night's Channel U 8pm show featuring street children living in despair in India and how the Catholic Boys Shelter gives them hope. To the young minds, seeing is believing. I can see that he is quite affected by what he saw. I just reiterate the ending words to him,"We can't choose our parents or the place we are born. However, we can choose our future with our hardwork." I hope he starts to realise how lucky he is.

My boy and I share a special bond as we mirror each other in many ways. He inspired me to pursue my passion without any reservations. I've been working for the last 15 years and this year I started my own Executive Search firm and I've never felt so fulfilled before. I truly enjoy the balance of family and career.

I drew the courage from my son. At a young age, he has decided to become a World-class singer when he grows up. He started his group singing lesson about 2 years ago and started his individual singing lesson in Jan'10. He loves singing so much that he does not mind he is the only boy left in the group of 15 girls. When he performs on stage, he enjoys his performance to the fullest and the audience could feel his passion.

He recently came in first at his school Talent Contest voted by students! Recently, he requested to learn piano so that he could sing and play the piano at the same time. I agreed on the condition that he has to give up his individual singing and revert to group singing class so that the money saved can go to fund his piano lesson. He finally agreed after much persuasion as he enjoys his individual singing lesson very much. Hope he understands the value of money and Mummy is not a bottomless pit.

I hope my blog will help my kids and me remember the ups and downs of their growing up years. I've learned so much from my kids and my wish is to give them a happy and memorable childhood they will fondly remember when they grow up. I also wish to pass on the two precious gifts from our parents to our kids: 1) A set of good values system and 2) A good education.

Last but not least, I hope this blog will also serve as a nice platform for us, parents to share experience in our parenting journey.

Have a Blessed and Wonderful weekend!

Warmest Regards,
Loving Mum


  1. Hi Lay Hoon,

    Like your son, my elder daughter also takes after me in many ways, unfortunately all not so defined one such as poor time and money management. However, I was once advised by a close friend that we as parents should not just focuse on the kid's shortcoming but should focuse on their strength. We should help them to keep enhancing on the strength and explore their potential to the fullest.

    My elder daughter is an outgoing and cheerful girl. She is daring in carry out new things and takes on new challenges well. However, she is careless, a bit lazy or careless attitude.

    Any idea how can I motivate her to do her best??

    Khoo, a lousy father

  2. a typo....not defined, should re refined...

  3. Chris Soh : Let the eagle fly n the fish swim. Guess our education system might not be suitable for all. But we have no choice. As long as my children can read, write, count, think,promote every year, I'm thankful. Right believing of their values produces right attitude n right lifestyle. Parent might start well for children but how well they do only depend on the kids themselves can finish well with hardwork n preseverance.

  4. Hi Khoo,

    We can all shine as a Parent. Introduce our children to what's possible by developing our children, inspire our kids and lead by example.

    Your elder daughter sounds exactly like my boy. The more we use positive affirmations on them, the more obedient and self-motivated they become. The only time my boy and I fight is always over homework time. His priority is play and we constantly remind and direct him to priortise his study before play. E.g. we will encourage him to complete some homework before play and we're more firm that computer games only on weekend. With constant reminders, he is quite auto-pilot now to start doing his homework before play. Just my 2 cents worth. Hope this helps.

    Loving Mum

  5. Dear Loving Mum,

    Thanks for sharing your and kid inspiration.

    Singing and Music is a pair of socks, hope you reconsider to support him...we become kids only once, surely he might have something in exchange.

    When I was young, my dad told me "Out of balance means either too much or too little".


  6. Hi Lay Hoon, good stuff. Amire your writing ability........... rgds, Thivi

  7. Dr. Tirumala

    Wow! I have come across different blogs, but this seems more closer to my heart. My son is only 2 years, but can speak in Hindi, English and Bengali quite well. Kids grow up and become matured quite fast. I think we as parents must understand their minds to help themselves become beautiful human being.

  8. Hi Dr. Tirumala,

    Wow! Your 2 years old son has linguistic talent. With your nurturing, he will realise his full potential and have no doubt he will lead a meaningful and beautiful life. I totally agree with you that we must understand their minds and hearts. Thank you for reading my blog and look forward to hearing from you again.

    Warm Regards,
    Lay Hoon